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Internet and Business Online – Would Old Ebooks Still Stand Up Today?

I have a simple question for you. Would an old eBook that you bought seven years ago still stand up today? In other words, would it still be useful? Before you answer that question yourself, you might want to sit down and think about your answer. It’s really not as clear cut as you think. This article is going to explain why an old eBook might still be useful or might be totally worthless depending on what it’s about.

Let’s take a subject that, as marketers, we all know something about…pay per click advertising. In the early days of pay per click, there were very few books, and the ones out there didn’t go into a lot of detail. Mainly, they focused on how to setup your account and write some simple ads. There was very little info as far as keyword research because, at the time, it was all so new. But even a book that’s just a year old could be worth very little today because the rules for pay per click advertising change so much.

But what if you’re interested in a book on copywriting? Well, up until recently, with the FTC crackdown on testimonials, copywriting really hasn’t changed much from the early print days before the Internet. If you look at just about any sales page today and then look at Joe Karbo’s “Lazy Man’s Riches” ad, you will find the exact same principles at work. The truth is, you could pick up a 30 year old book on writing sales copy and it would still be useful today. Some things really don’t change that much.

So, the question is, how can you tell if the old books sitting on YOUR hard drive are still worth anything? The only way to tell is to go through them and read them. If they apply to things that you normally see everyday, you’ll recognize things that are still used and things that have been tossed to the side. If a book talks about blogs and there is no mention of WordPress, then you pretty much know that the book is quite outdated and will be of very little use if you’re interested in setting up a WordPress blog.

A lot of it comes down to common sense. Technology oriented books will probably become outdated very fast, whereas books on evergreen topics like list building and copywriting will usually contain some valuable information no matter how old they are.

So before you toss your old ebooks into the trash bin, give them one more read just to make sure there isn’t some buried treasure somewhere in those pages.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

How To Complement Your Internet Marketing Business by Selling on eBay Part I

Anybody wanting to know how to sell on eBay could do worse than checking out eBay’s Help section. The information provided is excellent, but what they cannot give you are the tips that experienced sellers can provide. EBay can be a very good medium with which to grow your online business, but to use it properly you must know how to use it properly.

You first have to set up a seller’s account. Even if you have a buyer’s account, this is necessary. First, you must prove your identity. While your identity is not too important as a buyer, where you have to pay before the goods are dispatched, more security is required with a seller’s account where you receive the money before sending the goods.

You can verify your identity by phone, or by providing details of your credit card or checking account. Once you have done this and have set up a means by which to pay your listing fees you can start selling. This is when the fun starts and I mean that in the best possible way, because selling on eBay is fun.

The process of listing your product is well defined on eBay, and is a stepwise procedure that is difficult to get wrong. However, here are some simple tips that will help you get the most out of eBay to help your internet marketing business.

Your first priority, as with any online business, is choosing the right keywords. Anybody using eBay to buy a product will use a search term in exactly the same way as a Google user will use a keyword to find the information they want on the internet. Put yourself in their position. If you are selling Canon digital cameras, you might advertise ‘cameras’ in an offline High Street store, knowing that people will come in and have a look at what you have.

Article Marketing – How to Effectively Market Your Business Online With Article Marketing

In a world that is clearly dependent on technology, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses online. Today, there is not anyone who does not resort to using the Internet for most of their needs, so doing online article marketing could really help your business rise. It is easy to market your business online because unlike other advertising methods, this is relatively cheap. You would not only save some of your business capital, you would also gain more profit.

To effectively market your business online, all you have to do is write articles relating to your business. You could write the articles yourself or hire professional writers to do the job for you. There are a lot of individuals who deal with this kind of writing so you will not have any trouble searching for writers. The high number of persons who do this kind of job is also one of the reasons why this type of marketing costs less than other marketing methods.

The content used in article marketing should not be written as any other informative article. You would also have to keep in mind to make the articles search engine friendly. How else would your business benefit if your articles would not lead to your official website? The articles should contain the right amount of keywords that are often searched by interested buyers. That way, once they have read your article, they will be interested enough to go to their website and buy products from you.