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Top Internet Home Business Earns Over $100,000 Monthly

The most common question on the minds of most people launching an Internet Home business for the first time is always what kind of income the top online entrepreneurs earn.

The answer to that is that question is that top Internet home business entrepreneurs earn some very serious money. Many of them actually make well over $100,000 monthly.

Naturally the next question is how they actually do it and what particular programs most are most commonly involved with.

Most top Internet home business entrepreneurs own blogs and are also involved in the Google AdSense PPC program which they use extensively to earn some of their substantial monthly income. The AdSense program is what helps fuel their constant generation of content to update their blogs.

However the really big money for top Internet home business entrepreneurs usually comes from affiliate programs. Most online entrepreneurs are involved with several different leading affiliate programs that bring in substantial revenue. Usually top Internet home business entrepreneurs select an affiliate program that is very closely linked to the subject of their blog or blogs. They will also tend to have one or two general well-known affiliate programs that deal in a popular mass appeal product and usually has a good commission structure for affiliates.

The issue that most occupies these top Internet home business super affiliates is how to generate enormous traffic to their blogs so that they can earn their hefty monthly checks.

The Real Joy of a Profitable Internet Based Business

I cannot think of a better way to earn money than having a Internet based business. The best home based business opportunities give everyone an opportunity to build a profitable business of their own on the Internet. Here are a few of the many benefits that come from having any Internet based business that is profitable!

1. When your neighbors are going to work you get to stay at home and work for yourself. This is actually a powerful draw and one of the reasons that many people try to start an online based business. The thought of going to work for 30 or 40 years becomes unbearable for many people. Building an Internet based business that is profitable allows them to get up every day and work right in their own home.

2. You control your own schedule when you have a profitable business of your own. This is really true when your business is based online.

The Internet never sleeps so your business is always open whether you are working or not. This means that you can make money 4 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. It also means if you have personal things you need to take care of you can work around your own schedule. You are not tied down to an eight to five schedule like regular jobs are.

Some people prefer to work all night and sleep during the day. Others prefer to work in short spurts of a couple hours at a time. It really doesn’t matter how you do it as long as your business is producing the amount of income you need to live on.

3. Your income is not capped! When you work for someone else you are at their mercy when it comes to getting a raise. When you work for yourself online you can make more money just by working harder or adding more money making websites. This is why home-based business owners on the Internet earn some of the highest hourly rates in the world. It’s also true that if you need some extra money for a particular reason you can market a little harder to increase your profits for that particular month. This is another example of how your income is not capped.

4. If your goal is to retire at a younger age a profitable Internet based business can give you that. There are many ways you can develop residual income online today. The real joy of a profitable Internet based business is you are in control. When you’re working for somebody else that is not always the case.

Internet and Business Online – The Death of Email Marketing

The death of email marketing as we know it is upon us. Oh, I know. You’ve heard all this before. The doomsday predictions of just about everything related to Internet marketing. You’ve heard of the death of just about everything that exists. Well, we’re not talking about a real death here, but something very close…the end of things as you know them. I’m going to explain why.

You can put all the blame on the marketers (and I use that term loosely) who try to game the system. How do they do this? Well, there are several ways. One of them is through outright spamming. This is flat out illegal and people have gone to jail because of it. But that’s not the only problem. Another reason is because of some of the deceptive subject lines that they use, such as telling people that they have a payment coming. That’s just flat out wrong.

But this by itself is not the reason for the death of email marketing. The reason is the reaction to it. The reaction is actually two pronged. The first prong comes from the people who actually receive these emails. They get them and don’t like them one bit. So what do they do? They complain. Who do they complain to? Well, they complain to a lot of people, including their friends. But the main people they complain to are their ISPs. And that’s where the second prong comes in.

The ISPs, because of pressure from the users, have no choice but to clamp down on these spammers and marketers who use deceptive subject lines. As a result, spam filters have become very aggressive and many emails just don’t get delivered at all. Think about it. How many emails from customers don’t you get? I know I have not received many because of emails I get from Clickbank telling me a customer asked for a refund because they couldn’t reach me for support.

So the face of email marketing is changing. It’s not dead, but it is on life support. In order to survive, you need to use email delivery services that have been proven to get your emails delivered. You need to also send emails that your prospects are going to want to open, such as not using deceptive subject lines and actually giving them content that helps them.

If you do these things, you’ll stand a chance of surviving the “death” of email marketing.

To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim