How To Complement Your Internet Marketing Business by Selling on eBay Part I

Anybody wanting to know how to sell on eBay could do worse than checking out eBay’s Help section. The information provided is excellent, but what they cannot give you are the tips that experienced sellers can provide. EBay can be a very good medium with which to grow your online business, but to use it properly you must know how to use it properly.

You first have to set up a seller’s account. Even if you have a buyer’s account, this is necessary. First, you must prove your identity. While your identity is not too important as a buyer, where you have to pay before the goods are dispatched, more security is required with a seller’s account where you receive the money before sending the goods.

You can verify your identity by phone, or by providing details of your credit card or checking account. Once you have done this and have set up a means by which to pay your listing fees you can start selling. This is when the fun starts and I mean that in the best possible way, because selling on eBay is fun.

The process of listing your product is well defined on eBay, and is a stepwise procedure that is difficult to get wrong. However, here are some simple tips that will help you get the most out of eBay to help your internet marketing business.

Your first priority, as with any online business, is choosing the right keywords. Anybody using eBay to buy a product will use a search term in exactly the same way as a Google user will use a keyword to find the information they want on the internet. Put yourself in their position. If you are selling Canon digital cameras, you might advertise ‘cameras’ in an offline High Street store, knowing that people will come in and have a look at what you have.