How to Create an Internet Marketing Business

First off, I want to differentiate between an Internet marketing business, one that is genuinely yours, and any one of the numerous get-rich-quick schemes and online scams that are currently circulating on the Web. I can tell you this with certainty. You will never get rich quick get-rich-quick schemes and Internet scams. You must create your own Internet marketing business, one that is based on a product that you all of or purchased from somewhere else, and subsequently on, and develop a sales program for that product, preferably building a list of opt in subscribers who are interested in your products topic or theme, and make purchases from you.

So now that we have that straight, and Internet business that will genuinely are new income, is based on your own product, either one you create or one you purchase. There are some exceptions, for example. You can get involved in affiliate marketing. However, I recommend that affiliate marketing only be used as a steppingstone into creating your own product. Use affiliate marketing to get your feet wet, but always keep your eye on the prize — creating your own product.

So what are the steps to creating your own Internet marketing business?

1. The first step to creating your own Internet marketing business is to decide on a niche. You have to have a niche, an area online that you become intimately familiar with.

2. The second step to creating your own Internet marketing business is to create your own website. You cannot truly become your own boss online, if you are using someone else’s website. You must have your own website, no matter how difficult it may seem to learn to program or to create your own website, you must learn. It is worth any effort, if it takes you an entire year to learn create a website, it is a year well worth spending.

3. The third step to creating your own Internet marketing business is a sight to build a list online. To build a list online, you need to develop a free giveaway product that can be used as a compelling incentive for people opt in the list. Next, you need to create a squeeze page, or a landing page that has as its only function. The opting in of subscribers to your e-mail list, and send traffic to that squeeze page.