Internet And Business Online – Nerd Revenge

The Internet has nurtured a new generation of media user. What was once viewed as the dwelling of brainiacs and nerds has morphed into a medium of choice for an entirely new generation. What was frowned on in previous generations is applauded in the new.

Today techno geeks outnumber the computer illiterate. The college quarterback is just as likely to be extremely adept at navigating computer related devices. He will be considered cool for being able to do both.

Historically speaking a slow shift took place that caused to computer nerd to become the most popular individual in school. A generation has determined that to be computer illiterate is to be backwards. The rules have changed.

If you can think back to your own school experience and remember thinking of those who knew computers as guys with slicked back hair, tape around the bridge of their glasses and a pocket protector then you know things have changed for your children and grandchildren.

These ‘evil geniuses’ have devised a plan to remove the barrier of computer use by making it fully accessible, interactive and connecting. Somehow when we least expected it the geeks recruited and we all became willing participants in their world-altering plot.

Not only did the world follow, but they also found so many practical uses for the new technology they were given.

In the 21st century we are virtually incapable of managing life apart from computer connections. We have this technology in our homes, on our laptops, in our car engines, at work, on our cell phones and virtually all other communications devices. We feel very deprived if we can’t take the connection with us.

We find connection in wi-fi hot zones, cafes, and public buildings. And we expect nothing less than high-speed wireless connection in every motel room we book.

We NEED our computers. They have become the lifeblood of business and personal connectivity.

This is true to such a degree that a new generation has never experienced life apart from the computer. They have always used the technology and it is as easy as breathing for them. It is a barbaric notion for them to think of life apart from the computer.

This generation has effectively abandoned other more broadly accepted forms of communication. They rarely find an interest in things like listening to the radio, reading a newspaper, watching television or writing a letter. The instant communication of cell phone, texting, email and chat make even face-to-face connections seem a second rate idea.

The trend toward an entirely new delivery method for content doesn’t seem to be slowing. Even traditional content providers are acknowledging that online content delivery may be the only thing that allows their traditional business to remain successful.

For some this radical new paradigm can seem a little frightening, but business has always been about meeting people where they are – and right now they are gathering in cyberspace and they’ll only wait so long to hear your message.

And the nerds that were persistently ridiculed in the past must either be sporting an “I told you so” grin or they are simply overjoyed to see that they really were on the cutting edge all along.