Internet and Business Online – The Price of Common Sense

Alfred Lord Tennyson once said, “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.”

Sometimes those with the most wisdom or common sense may not have a college degree or letters after their name. Some of these individuals never set foot in a college classroom. Some of them don’t even like to read, yet they understand people.

When a crisis comes up many of these individuals refuse to panic and they can generally solve the problem by taking a step back and trying to look at the big picture. These men and women are not stupid; on the contrary they can sometimes think circles around somebody well-versed in the study of textbooks.

Believe it or not the skill of common sense is as much an asset in building a business online as any marketing course known to man. Sometimes wisdom without understanding (common sense) can lead to problems.

A friend of mine tells the story of a young man with whom he worked many years ago at a roadside fried chicken stand. The small restaurant was busy, but my friend noticed a curious behavior in a young man working the kitchen. This young man had grabbed a pen and began scribbling and mumbling to himself. The orders were backing up and folks were asking why it was taking so long. My friend finally confronted the kitchen worker who was, academically, at the top of his class. The young man stopped his scribblings and looked dumbfounded and replied, “I was just trying to find the algebraic equation for how many salt packets I should put into each bag.”

The young man was very smart, but he lacked the crucial element of common sense. My friend grabbed a few packets and responded, “I think this is a good answer.” He threw the salt packets into the bags and began delivering the orders.

That story may sound humorous and even mildly pathetic, but sometimes knowledge without common sense can lead to indecision. The young man in the story wanted to do the right thing, but he let a difficulty stand in the way of business.

Online business presents an opportunity for virtually anyone to develop a company. Those who are gifted with great intellect can find a home online, but successful ecommerce is not limited to intellectuals alone.

If you have a problem with certain aspects of marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) you can find freelance help to figure out the best route to take. If you don’t feel comfortable producing original content for your site you can use a free article directory or use a freelance writer. You can also use self-guided web builder software to develop a website.

There are many online tools that can assist you in putting a business website together, you just need to be willing to look and ask for help when needed.

We all know someone either now or in our past that possessed an enormous amount of wisdom or common sense. These individuals tend to leave a lasting impression and can leave some wishing they could give up just a little bit of their knowledge in order to gain some of their wisdom.