Internet and Business Online – Virtual Tour Guides

Traveling was an adventure when I was younger. We would travel for as long as possible and then we’d simply look for the first available motel when we didn’t want to go any further. Sometimes that meant visiting multiple motels before finding one that was either available or affordable. Often it meant continuing our journey a bit further before we could rest.

At the time I don’t remember thinking this was strange, but the 21st century has changed the way we manage motel reservations.

Today if you plan a trip you can use a map generator like Google or MapQuest to map out a daily travel schedule placing you in the most desired locations in route to your ultimate destination. Then you can access multiple motel reservation sites to help you find a motel with the amenities you require and at a price you can live with.

Sometimes these motels offer special savings if you belong to an organization like AAA or if you are involved in the military. Some motels offer a significant discount if you will be staying due to a family medical issue where a family member is in a local hospital.

Consumers have found it almost commonplace to cross check multiple online sources to determine the best deal and at one of their favorite motels. Consumers also like the photo tour of the facility. Children gasp over the pool and every picture is gazed at in hopes that the reality will be similar to the cyber-visual.

Some consumers even book while in route using a laptop or a cell phone.

As you can see the accommodation adventures of childhood have been removed as an adult. However, I suppose it is possible that the adventure has simply been moved to an online environment where answers are given prior to arrival.

The Internet remains one of the greatest agents of change in how the world does business. The guesswork in so many life arenas has been removed.

For instance if you want to know more about a medical diagnosis you simply place the term in the search engine of your computer and find the answer. If you want to know more about installing cabinets in your home you use the search function and get step-by-step instructions.

As a business owner this is the environment in which you are immersing yourself. You are appealing to those who are accustomed to the immediacy of information. Consumers don’t just want to know if you sell a product they also want to know how the product works, the history of the product, special uses for the product and if this product compliments other items they may already have.

Can they find this information on your website?

Unlike my travel time as a child today’s consumer does not like surprises. They don’t want to settle for your product simply because that’s what they stumbled across.

Like the motel sites you can visit online buyers want to know more about the amenities, discounts and photo tours available for the product you sell.

As a business owner you are not only appealing to an individuals desire for a product you are also appealing to their trust. They won’t generally give the first without the second.