Internet Marketing and Businesses Online – How to Stay Focused Everyday

For those of you who work fulltime online like I do, you know that you often measure daily success in terms of how much you produced online. Some days I work for 10 hours, and all I can show for my work is a couple of articles, a couple of emails, and some editing work.

I thought I was going to do some research online, but 4 hours later, I still have nothing – it ends up being useless surfing. Solution: set time frames on looking for new information. For example, if you have not found the answer in 15 minutes, decide you will look for the info tomorrow, instead of continuing to surf.

Some days I only work for 4 hours, but because I came to the table rested and focused, I am able to write 15 articles, submit them to my favorite article directory, send off a powerful email to my subscribers, write a new chapter in my latest online product creation, and take a few minutes to log in to my paypal account to see how much money I have made.

The key to having that kind of day is focus. Know before your work begins what you want to accomplish. Write it out in a list, and then go through the list, checking off each item as you finish it. With that list, you will become much more profitable online. Do not allow yourself to work online aimlessly.

Always have a back-up item you can do when you are starting to become less productive online. I always know that if I have a few spare minutes, I can crank out a few articles, and I will get a few new subscribers tomorrow.