Using the Internet for Business – My 10 Point Plan

Starting and running a business used to be expensive, time consuming and hard work…. and did I mention expensive?

You needed premises, whether an office or a store front, you needed to pay rent, electric, property tax, community charges, fixtures and fittings, staffing costs etc etc. Then there was the time that all this takes to setup and look after. Customers were limited to the surrounding areas and certain times of the day.

With the internet that all changed. Now your reach can be global with millions of potential customers in hundreds of different countries. Your setup costs are minor, taxes and expenses are minimal because you don’t need to employ anyone, although you can employ outsourced labour if you don’t want to work so hard yourself.

To get a business online these days the easiest way is to do the following:

1. Get a hosting account

2. Buy a domain name

3. Install WordPress on your hosting account

4. Install a nice theme, make sure it has areas for adverts.

5. Load WordPress with plugins that make WordPress search engine friendly

6. Choose a subject and start blogging about it. Build up a collection of content on your website that people will enjoy reading and looking at.

7. Add links to relevant products and promotions to monitize the blog.

8. Link your blog to facebook, twitter and other social networks.

9. Start building backlinks by writing and submitting articles.

10. Run an advertising campaign to build more traffic.

How simple is that? Okay so there are a few more details for each of those steps but in a nutshell, that is an outline plan that will guide you.