What Purpose Is Your Internet Based Business Website For?

Obviously for a niche internet based business having a website or blog is essential but too often the key question of what is the main reason for having it is not asked by the owner. And even when it is, there is often the difficulty in providing a clear and straight forward answer. If confusion reigns in your head, then there is a good chance that it will also be present in the visitor’s.

The first decision you have to make is to ask yourself what you want your website to do. Now, you may answer that you want it to give great information, build your list, make sales and be liked by the search engines. And whilst we all wish for that, rather than focusing on one objective it could well be trying to satisfy everything. Too many niche websites fall into this category and the results for the owners are less than anticipated in terms of sales, opt in email signups.

It is therefore important to decide at the outset the principle reason for the website. Is it primarily to attract sign ups to your email list in order for you to connect, build a relationship, educate and inform and ultimately offer them products and services? If you are modelling it on this basis, then congratulations are in order because you are following a proven path to create and build a profitable niche internet business.

Yet your website or blog could alternatively be an authority on a topic in which you provided a lot of free information with a view to educating the visitor. It is feasible to include a sign up facility for those that express an interest to be kept informed but it would not feature a strong sales message offering a product or service to buy.

Of course, it could well have the clear purpose of offering for sale a product or service. This will contain the sales letter with all the information required about the offer to inform and be an enticement to buy. It may also have a sign up facility for the visitor to then receive future emails if they decide that they are interested yet not ready to buy, but this would not be the primary focus of the website.

As You must recognise, it is essential to define what your website or blog’s function is. If you are trying to satisfy all visitor’s wants on the one page then each message may well get lost. It could appear as one big noise, with no clear strategy and the result being that the visitor uses the all too convenient delete button resulting in having lost someone who, in fact, did express and interest in the topic of your website.

So it is very important to define the purpose of your website and blog for your internet based business. By all means have a sign up facility on your sales page as this is effective in capturing contact details of those that are not at the stage of buying. And if it’s purpose is to build your email marketing list then make the offer valuable in terms of information that you are offering and in monetary terms, but also don’t forget to perhaps include a enticing offer as soon as the prospect signs up as their interest in you is still hot.