What’s the Magic Number You Need to Launch a Successful Internet Marketing Business?

Like me, you may have struggled against the fact that one of the most beautiful aspects about setting up an internet business can also often be one of its greatest challenges. What’s that challenge? It is…

How do you choose the area or niche that you are going to focus on for your first internet business?

It sounds simple but it is often very difficult to do.

You probably have lots of interests and hobbies, subjects you are good at and passionate about, or that you are simply keen to explore and maybe learn more about. And that’s probably before you even start scratching the surface of the mind-boggling array of subjects you can find on the internet, many of which you might not even be aware existed let alone have a passion about following.

What makes this situation worse still is that once you start thinking about subjects and niches in the context of setting up an internet marketing business – for example, when you go through the niche-choosing process set out in most internet marketing systems and courses – your mind will probably race away with you and you will come up with a massive stream of other ideas that will make choosing your preferred business niche even harder.

Does that sound familiar?

On more occasions than I care to admit, my internet marketing career stalled before it even started because I couldn’t decide which niche to focus on. At other times I had too many niches and couldn’t prioritise them and was again unable to decide which one I should launch first.

From talking to other people who have also been looking, but struggling, to launch an internet marketing business, this problem is not a rare one.

But just how many target markets or niches do you need? Answer: One.

How many ideas do you need? Answer: One.

How many products do you need to be able to find or create to start earning money almost immediately? You’ve guessed it: One.

How many proven internet marketing systems do you need to follow in order to be successful? Yes, just one.

That last one is super important. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably tried many systems and attended numerous internet marketing courses to help you start and build an online business.

If you’re like me, you might have spent too long on reading, listening to audios, watching videos and attending seminars to learn information and knowledge, and not enough on putting that knowledge into action. But what’s the use of knowing everything there is to know about a subject such as internet marketing if you don’t do anything with that information?

If my experience still sounds in any way familiar to you, you and I might have even more in common. Like me, you might also have thought that needing to learn more, go on more courses, investigate more systems, etc, were good reasons for not getting started and actually launching that internet business.

It’s perfectly fair to want to do research before you risk time and money on launching your internet business, but not if that ‘research’ then becomes a hindrance to getting started. It’s a natural human tendency to want to stay within your comfort zone – studying more courses, attending more seminars, etc – rather than pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to start your first internet business.

If my experience still sounds familiar to you, then I would guess that this is not the first time you have read, watched or listened to advice on how to set up an internet business. But, I go back to my magic number…

You only need one proven system in order to develop a successful online business.

As Neil Stafford, one of my internet marketing mentors, advises:

“Follow one process from beginning to end. Focus on the project and the process. Don’t be distracted by the other offers and promotions that you will inevitably receive.”